Since these are available to all the operators on the map, you may have to fight your way out from the DMZ. . . . .

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Doing so will cause it to shoot down passing.

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To use the device, hold down on your Tactical hotkey. .

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But I’ve been downed without a teammate or self in an exfil chopper and the guy didn’t finish me and the heli took off and it counted and I didn.

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Nov 26, 2022 · Let them do so. . . On my way there I was passing an exfil when someone semtexd my hummer and disabled it. . 0 DMZ: Exfiltration and escape explained. .

When it does, call in the extraction chopper, board it, and lie prone in the middle of the helicopter, facing the cockpit.

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It would help if you found the "L2 Restricted Zone Key" inside Koschei Complex.

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Doing so will cause it to shoot down passing.

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